Moments of brilliance

Written by Verne on August 3rd, 2007

In my periodic search for musical inspiration, I came upon this clip of John Mayer performing in a music store somewhere for a small crowd. John combines two of my favourite songs in this clip, and whether you’re a music/John Mayer fan or not, I guarantee you this will leave you in awe.

It takes some time before it starts, but he gets into things around 5:00 (counting down). The real magic begins at around 1:15.

Besides showcasing what a phenomenal musician John is, this video truly was an inspiration to watch. When he gets to the solo, you can really tell John leaves the music store for about 20 seconds and hits musical euphoria. Caught in his own moment of glory, doing only what he does best – create music.

These moments are pure, rich, and rare. They are moments that define exactly what you’re made of. These are moments you should strive for, whether you’re a designer, a writer, a strategist, or in this case, a musician. These are your moments of brilliance.

Have you ever experienced one of these moments?

3 Responses

  • John

    That was pretty good. What were the song names?

  • John

    Nevermind, I see it.

  • Satish

    To give this context (in a nutshell): As a student I strive to become a leader, surround myself with great people, and make the most of my university career.

    My moment of brilliance, defining what I live for and what I’m made of, was standing in the limelight after my closing speech at the end of my term as President of MESA at our year-end Gala.

    Tough to describe, but for me a perfect moment no less.

    (Btw, great job on the marketing and design of that event Verne (!)

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